Welcome to the Tree House!

Where curiosity is sparked and the joy of learning begins.  

We believe that every child is curious, competent, and capable. We lean into their unique interests and allow them to take a lead role in shaping their own learning.

We offer an enriched, play-based Kindergarten program rooted in emergent curriculum, that allows our young minds to explore complex concepts through project-based experiential learning. Our welcoming environment invites students to engage, ask questions, get messy, and explore the world around them.

We focus on building lifelong skills through social and emotional learning while laying the foundation for higher academic thinking. We provide opportunities to use all types of learning styles to build on students’ literacy and numeracy skills throughout this process.

Our learning journey is documented through daily storytelling which allows for student reflection at home with their families. This encourages families to be an active part of their child’s learning through our extension of learning activities.

What makes our Kinder program unique?

  • Small class sizes up to 12 students
  • A mix of enriched play-based learning and structured activities
  • Hands-on activities, science experiments and nature exploration
  • Certified Early Childhood Educators
  • Emphasis on building relationships with each child to spark their love of learning
  • Daily numeracy and literacy instruction
  • Exceptional academic and social foundation
  • Daily story updates to families through our online portal
  • Character development and lessons in kindness, mindfulness and well-being
  • Home-school partnership established early and strengthened
  • Gross & fine motor skills development
  • Placement in our before and after-school care program (7:45am – 5:30pm)
  • Hot Lunch Program available

The Importance of a Strong Kindergarten Program

Laying the Foundation for Future Success in School and Life

A robust Kindergarten program is essential in setting the stage for a child’s future success in both school and life. Research shows that the early years of a child’s life are critical for brain development and establishing a solid foundation for lifelong learning. Key focus areas in our program include:


  • Building Cognitive Skills: A strong Kindergarten program introduces children to essential academic concepts and skills, such as literacy, numeracy, and problem-solving. These cognitive skills provide the foundation for more advanced learning as children progress through school.
  • Social and Emotional Development: Kindergarten can be a child’s first experience in a structured group setting. A high-quality program emphasizes social and emotional learning, helping children build skills like empathy, self-regulation, cooperation, and conflict resolution. These skills are vital for forming healthy relationships and adapting to new environments throughout life.
  • Fostering Curiosity and Love of Learning: A well-rounded Kindergarten program nurtures children’s natural curiosity and instills a love of learning that carries through their entire educational journey. By providing engaging, hands-on experiences and fostering critical thinking skills, we help children develop a growth mindset and a passion for exploration and discovery.
  • Developing Confidence and Resilience: Our Kindergarten program focuses on building children’s self-confidence and resilience, helping them to navigate challenges and setbacks with a positive attitude. By offering a supportive environment where children feel safe to take risks and learn from their mistakes, we empower them to become independent, resourceful, and adaptable individuals.
  • Establishing a Strong Home-School Connection: A solid Kindergarten program prioritizes collaboration with families, recognizing the immense value of a supportive and engaged learning community in promoting each child’s growth and success.

At the Seneca Hill Tree House, we utilize a variety of teaching strategies to instill a strong foundation in literacy, numeracy, and problem-solving skills. Our multifaceted approach includes a blend of formal lessons, reinforcement of concepts through emergent pedagogy, and engaging real-world projects designed to support students’ growth and development in these crucial areas.


Formal Lessons:

  • Learning Letters and Numbers: Our certified educators provide explicit instruction in letter recognition and formation, as well as number recognition and counting. Children are exposed to various hands-on activities and engaging materials that foster their understanding and retention of these essential concepts.
  • Word Blends and Phonics: We introduce children to word blends and phonics through engaging activities, such as rhyming games, songs, and interactive storytime sessions. This helps children develop their reading and writing skills by understanding the relationship between letters and sounds.
  • Addition and Subtraction: Our educators teach fundamental addition and subtraction concepts using concrete materials, such as manipulatives, number lines, and visual representations. Children learn to solve basic problems and understand the concept of part-whole relationships.
  • Problem-Solving Strategies: We introduce students to a variety of problem-solving strategies, such as making predictions, identifying patterns, and using logical reasoning. Our educators model these strategies and provide guided practice, encouraging students to apply these skills across different contexts.
  • Emergent Pedagogy: Our educators reinforce literacy, numeracy, and problem-solving concepts throughout the day using emergent pedagogical approaches. This involves weaving these concepts into play-based activities and spontaneous learning opportunities, which allows children to make meaningful connections and apply their knowledge in real-world situations.

The greatest gifts we can give our children are the roots of responsibility and the wings of independence.
– Dr. Maria Montessori

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We welcome families to get in touch with us and learn more about how our school can help unlock the potential in your child. We would be happy to arrange for a private tour to see our campus and facilities, arrange a call, or set up a video conference with our principal. To book an appointment please contact us at 416.499.8790 or [email protected].

Directions: We are located at Don Mills and Lawrence, adjacent to the Shops on Don Mills.
Address: 33 Overland Drive North York, Ontario M3C 2C3

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