Elementary Program

Grade 1-6 Program

Where Roots began to take hold

The program established for grades one through six is built upon the skills established during the kindergarten years and continue throughout each years’ grade. While science, social studies, physical education, French language skills and information technology are a crucial part of our curriculum, the main emphasis during these years are on reading, writing and mathematics. We emphasize the progression of these skills, which will enable future success across all disciplines and are instrumental for the development of intellectual strength. Priority is given to the advancement of good study habits, time management and academic curiosity that will equip each child with the skills needed for the important years ahead.

“As the root begins to take shape and form within the earth around them, students establish a firm foundation for future growth. Strong and solid, they are nourished by the warm environment and well prepared for the rapid growth they will experience. With this foundation, future growth awaits in a variety of shapes and forms.”

From as early on as grade one, students are assigned a variety of assignments including projects, book reports, tests, presentations and other forms of evaluations in order to prepare them for the next years grade. Besides using these assignments to evaluate students’ understanding, they also build confidence and assurance in the continual development of these young minds. An important part of our curriculum is the advancement of communication skills and especially on structured writing and public speaking. In a variety of forums, students are given the chance to exercise and progress their ability to communicate.

In the latter years of this stage, a more structured and disciplined environment is established. Students begin to refine and improve upon the skills they have developed and built upon prior knowledge. Emphasis is placed upon creative approaches to subject matter and presenting a challenging curriculum for these enthusiastic young minds.

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