Junior High Program

Fostering Critical Thinking and Independence

As students progress into Grades 6, 7, and 8 at Seneca Hill, our program evolves to challenge their growing intellectual and emotional maturity. Our educators guide students towards greater autonomy in their studies while enhancing their analytical and critical thinking skills. This stage marks a crucial transition as students prepare for the demands of high school and beyond at our unique private school in Toronto.

Our Unique Middle School Program:

  • Individualized Learning Pathways: Recognizing the varied interests and talents of our students, we offer individualized learning pathways with a maximum of 18 students per class. This approach enables our educators to tailor support and challenge each student appropriately.
  • Inquiry-Based Learning: Building on the foundation of project-based learning, our curriculum now emphasizes inquiry-based experiences. Students are encouraged to ask questions, conduct research, and present findings, fostering a scientific mindset and independence.
  • Interdisciplinary Curriculum: We continue to integrate subjects such as literacy, numeracy, science, history, and the arts. This holistic approach ensures that knowledge is interconnected, mirroring the complexities of real-world issues and problem-solving.
  • Character and Leadership Development: Leadership and character education are central, with a focus on initiative, responsibility, and ethical decision-making. We continue to use proven frameworks to instill these qualities, preparing students for leadership roles in society.
  • Advanced Digital Literacy: Students engage with advanced technology tools, learning to code, design, and create digital projects. This empowers them with the digital fluency needed in today’s technology-driven world.
  • Home-School Partnership: We maintain a robust home-school connection, providing parents with detailed insights into their child’s progress and ways to support learning at home.

Highlights of Grades 6, 7, and 8:

  • High-level Literacy: Students explore complex literary works, practicing critical reading, persuasive and analytical writing, and participating in debates to hone their oratory skills.
  • Complex Mathematical Concepts: We delve into higher-level math, including statistics, advanced geometry, and the introduction of calculus principles, always linking concepts to real-life applications.
  • Scientific Exploration: Our curriculum covers advanced topics in biology, chemistry, physics, and environmental science, emphasizing lab work, scientific inquiry, and hands-on experimentation.
  • Global Perspectives: Through social studies, students gain a global perspective, examining historical events, current affairs, and their implications for the future.
  • Arts and Innovation: Students are encouraged to express their creativity and innovation through advanced art projects, music composition, drama performances, and dance.
  • Community and Service: We integrate community service and social responsibility projects, encouraging students to contribute positively to society.

Join us at Seneca Hill for a transformative middle school experience, where students are inspired to reach their full potential, develop a love for lifelong learning, and prepare for the future with confidence and a sense of responsibility.

Ontario Middle School Curriculum Summary:

Our curriculum adheres to and extends beyond the Ontario curriculum, ensuring students are not only meeting, but surpassing provincial standards. Courses include advanced studies in English Language, Mathematics, Science and Technology, Social Studies, The Arts, Health and Physical Education, French as a Second Language, and Life Skills. Each subject is taught with an emphasis on developing independent, critical thinkers who are prepared for the challenges of high school, post-secondary education and the wider world.

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We welcome families to get in touch with us and learn more about how our school can help unlock the potential in your child. We would be happy to arrange for a private tour to see our campus and facilities, arrange a call, or set up a video conference with our principal. To book an appointment please contact us at 416.499.8790 or [email protected].

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