Junior High Program

Grade 7 and 8

Where Young Minds Take Shape
Grades 7 and 8 are crucial years in the progress of our children as they prepare to enter high school.  Our curriculum is focused on sharpening the foundational skills students have acquired over their primary elementary years before embarking onto the next stage of their developmental path.  During this time, students also experience rapid emotional and physical changes and our dynamic program accounts for this with a positive and enriching learning environment.  Students are given every chance to flourish through our curriculum, a variety of experiential learning opportunities and an extensive extracurricular program that promotes leadership.

“With a proper foundation established, students now need nourishing opportunities to come into their own.  At this stage, individuality is promoted through creative and progressive experiences that give the occasions to refine acquired skills and build upon them.  As these young plants continue their growth, we begin to see the differences between them.  At the end of this stage, each will have acquired a strong foundation and be able to weather the challenges ahead with strength and confidence” 

Our curriculum for grades 7 and 8 starts to introduce students to the subjects they will experience in high school.  Emphasis is placed on experiencing many different aspects of the Canadian curriculum in a fresh dynamic way so that students begin to develop passion in certain fields.  With diversity and a well-rounded program, the students can draw on many different experiences and skills to succeed in whatever future path they choose.  By the time they are ready for High School, we will have cultivated a love of learning in addition to a wide palate of skills which the students will continue to draw upon in years ahead.

When we graduate students, they enter high school as desired candidates which are assured of future success.  Our students continually exemplify our commitment to growth, and validate our school as truly ‘A Place to Grow!’

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