Online Summer Camp Program For Kids

Our online academic summer camp program for kids (July 6 - August 14) will give your child a jump start on the next school year while keeping them safe and fully engaged!
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Online Summer Camp Program For Kids

Don’t let lockdowns or physical distancing keep your child from enjoying summer camp. Our online summer camp program for kids provides a safe and secure virtual environment to educate and entertain your child through fully interactive sessions led by our experienced online teaching staff. 

What Is Online/Virtual Summer Camp

All online summer campers will benefit from a blend of academic learning, life skill development, interactive activities and physical exercise. Our online summer camp program for kids focuses on strengthening academic skills to help prepare your child for their next grade level, without the stress of tests or exams. Each online camper will participate in daily lessons from 10am –2pm, with scheduled breaks and time to socialize virtually with their classmates. There are still a few spaces left, but they are filling fast, so register today!

Staying Safe, Staying Engaged

Seneca Hill Private School was one of the first schools in Toronto to offer a full online curriculum during the COVID-19 lockdowns, where virtual classes continued daily with absolutely no interruption in students’ academic careers. In many cases, classes were able to complete the curriculum ahead of schedule, allowing online classes to begin teaching additional or more advanced course material. This helped students prepare for their next grade by giving them a head start in their academic achievements.

What Virtual/Online Campers Need

Campers only need wifi access and a computer or tablet (with camera and audio access) to enjoy a full day of fun and learning in our interactive online camp sessions. We use private online tools for our virtual camp program that are password protected to ensure that only registered campers have access. All campers can engage fully with the teachers and fellow camp classmates throughout the day to create memories that will last a lifetime.

Online Summer Camp Registration & Fees:

Our virtual camp program is only $390 per child for a minimum of 2-week enrolment. The program runs from July 6 – August 14 and campers are invited to join us for as little as 2 weeks or all summer. 

Register Now – Our Online Summer Camp Is Filling Up Fast

There are some spaces still available – register today to reserve your spot!


Online Summer Camp Schedule

10 – 10:15 am Public Speaking Practice
10:15 – 11:10 English
11:10 – 11:20 Break
11:20 – 12:15 Math
12:15- 12:55 Lunch Break
12:55 – 2:00 Physical Ed/Yoga/Active Games

Online Camp Special Bonus

As part of our focus on developing important life skills, all online campers will receive 2 hours of hands-on coding classes each week!

Important Notes for Online Camp

Actual time slots for each summer camp session may be different based on age groups, and online campers will be placed in age groups 1 year apart (for example, campers ages 6-7 would be in online sessions together).