Admissions – International Students

Application Process

Please submit the following to the school office or by email to [email protected]

  1. A completed Seneca Hill application form.
  2. The following supporting documents must also accompany the application form.
    1. A copy of the student’s academic record including copies (and translations) of report cards and standardized examinations.  For Grade 9 or 10 applicants, please submit official school reports from the previous two years.  For Grade 11 or 12, please submit copies of all high school reports and standardized examinations.  No equivalent credits can be granted without this documentation.
    2. A copy of the applicant’s birth certificate or passport.
    3. Recommendation of current school principal/teacher/guidance counsellor concerning behaviour, attitude and work ethic.
    4. For students applying to Grade 11 or 12 from an Ontario high school, please attach a photocopy of your Grade 10 Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test result.
    5. An interview with the school Principal or Director may be arranged if deemed necessary.
  3. Non-refundable application fee ($500).

Once these documents have been submitted, Seneca Hill Private School & Collegiate will review the entire application.  If the applicant is accepted, we will require the following in order to issue an admissions letter for student visa purposes:

  1. Full payment of the school’s tuition fees.
  2. Details of living arrangements in Toronto with parent/guardian declaration, or application for SHC’s homestay program.

Once these are received, Seneca Hill will issue an official letter of acceptance and a tuition receipt, which can be used for immigration purposes.  Canadian immigration requires that a student visa be processed in the country of origin, not in Canada.  However, the Immigration office may change the school designation on a student visa for a student transferring from another Canadian school.


Student Program, Fees, and Dates


Application Fee $500
(Sept – June)
Grades JK to 8
(Sept – June)
Grades 9 to 12


Health Insurance approx. $750

ESL Certificate Program

Application Fee $500
(Per Semester)ESL Certificate Program $4,700
(Full Year) ESL Certificate Program $16,750

ESL Camps

Two-week Camp $2,450
Four-week Camp $4,675



If the complete study permit package document has been submitted to Citizenship and Immigration Canada and the study permit is not granted, the full amount less $500 for administrative fees will be deducted. For a refund, the students must provide:

  1. The original Refusal from Immigration Canada stating that the Visa was not approved MUST be submitted within 30 days from the date on the refusal letter.
  2. The original Seneca Hill Letter of Acceptance.
  3. The original Receipt of Tuition Fee Payment.
  4. Completion of our Refund Request Form



  1. If the student chooses to withdraw for any reasons other than the study permit being denied by Citizenship and Immigration Canada.
  2. If the Study Permit is denied by Citizenship and Immigration Canada due to missing documents or incomplete paperwork.
  3. If the student has started attending classes.
  4. If the student is found in violation of school regulations and asked to withdraw from the school.
  5. If the student changes school during the school year
  6. If false medical information was provided and health conditions were not disclosed.
  7. If the student’s immigration status changes during the school year, the parents or student is asked to contact our office immediately.

School Visit and Tours

We welcome families and guests to visit Seneca Hill Private School and see our beautiful campus and facilities. To book an appointment please contact Nicolas Esper, at 416.499.8790 or [email protected]

Directions: We are located at Don Mills and Lawrence, adjacent to the Shops on Don Mills.
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